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Sunday Walkabout with Legacy1995ng


Iyou've ever wondered the humble beginnings of Lagos and it's historic buildings this early morning Tour was meant to answer your questions.

Firstly if you didn't know about Legacy1995ng here's a brief summary.

It was a nonprofit organization started in to address the lack of awareness and conservation of historical sites and buildings around Nigeria. It's made of of various skilled members of society. They organise trips, walkabout and tours of historical places in and around Lagos. They are based out of the Railway Museum, a 102 year old building they helped rehabilitate within the Railway Compound Yaba.

Coming back to our Tour, the itinerary was an 8am Sunday morning walk from Freedom Park, through the Brazilian Quarters to Tinubu Square, through the business district passing in front of the CBN unto Marina and back to Freedom park.

By my calculations it was a 4km walk experiencing CBD Lagos at its most quiet and serene. Along the way we got snippets and facts of historical buildings existing and destroyed within the area.

Several have been lost, some in the process and surprisingly some houses have been restored and are been kept in good condition.

I got a good number of shots (and a short compilation video) of points and buildings of interest you'll be surprised still exist.

The images buildings and spaces below are referenced in the Tour map above for their locations referenced in the map above

Here's the list of buildings and places seen on the Tour, their locations referenced in the map above.

  1. St Nicolas Hospital.

  2. City hall.

  3. Upper Campos Mini Stadium- where Madam Tinubu was originally buried.

  4. Campos Square - The Heart of Brazilian Quarters.

  5. Vaughan House

  6. Water House.

  7. Bookshop House.

  8. Salvation Army Building.

  9. Saint Anna's Court.

  10. Methodist Church of the Trinity.

  11. Tinubu Square - Formerly Independence Square.

  12. Taiwo Olowo Cenotaph

  13. Lumpkin House - Named after Jenkins Lumpkin. He was only the third African to earn the official title “colonial surgeon,” not granted lightly.

  14. UAC House

  15. Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos

  16. Nepa Building

  17. Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC)

  18. St. Georges Hall

  19. The First Baptist Church

  20. Government Printing Press - It built with imported bricks that bear the armorial bearings (‘broad arrow’) a stamp which appeared on all British government property.

  21. The Old State Secretariat

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