• Tolulope Sanusi

How Well Do You Know Lagos?

We live and work in a city that began over 150+ years ago and fragments of Lagos pre & post-independence are hidden in plain sight.

It helps to know the past so we can put the present and future into perspective, so how much of Lagos do you know?

A twitter user by the handle - @kelechi_naba posted a thread on the beautiful and sometimes hidden historical gems from around Lagos. Giving us a glimpse into a Lagos that was just beginning and quite orderly.

“It's both saddening and interesting to see the development and in some cases stifling of important monuments in favour of unplanned urban sprawling.”

Presently, in some cases the structure is in a bad state or has been destroyed either outright or by a disaster to construct a lesser structure.

Swipe through for a trip down our shared Lagos Memory.

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