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Benefits of Professional Real Estate Photo Editing

Professional real estate photography builds your brand and boosts your ratings.

Imagine yourself searching for your dream home. What do you have on your “must have” list? Price? Size? The reputation of the real estate agent/agency? Perhaps, but these are usually not the first thing that catches your eye when you’re scouring the web. Most of the time, you’re going to be drawn to a home with good looking photos.

We are naturally visual creatures. Many of our decisions, perceptions, and judgments are based on what we can actually see. Thus, high-quality images are important in attracting property buyers and getting them to buy a property.

A professional real estate photographer can take great photos of interior and exterior spaces. But to make those photos truly stand out and gain a buyer’s “oohs-and-ahs”, it has to go through some type of editing process. It is real estate photo editing that gives character, vibrancy, and life to these images. Just check out some of the benefits that real estate photo editing provides to real estate agents, and home buyers alike.

1. Removes imperfections

Sure, professional real estate photographers take amazing real estate photos. But due to factors such as lighting conditions, environmental conditions, and technological limitations of the camera, even the best photos need some corrections.

Skilled photo editors can fix these imperfections. Using image editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, they can eliminate unwanted objects, correct white balance, restore hues, remove noise, align horizontal and vertical lines correctly, and more just like image below taken at a recent Real Estate Shoot for a Client.

Walk-in Closet Before and After taken by Rubyspolaroid photography
Walk-in Closet Before and After from a Shoot

2. Enhances a property’s selling point

Each property has unique selling points. The amazing views, a spacious living room, or master bedroom. By enhancing these selling points, real estate agents have a better chance of selling the home.

Photo editors can enhance the image so that this lovely scenery shows prominently. They may do a HDR composite, mixing natural and interior lights for a more welcoming image. It gives the viewer an accurate preview of what awaits them if they buy the home/apartment.

3. Adds details

In the real estate industry, details can make or break a sale. Real estate photographers and photo editors recognize that details add a lot of character and personality to interior or exterior shots. The attention to these details make the property unique, which is a plus for buyers.

Thus, photo editors can add images to TV screens, fires in fireplaces, remove unwanted objects, lush grass to bare lawns, and many more. Details like this may not be noticed at first glance, but this attention to detail gives potential home buyers one less reason to choose not to check out the listing.

4. Increases sales

Property buyers are drawn towards beautiful images of homes they want to buy. To increase the chances of a property to be viewed and sold, images should be clear, crisp, vivid, and top-quality.

A professionally edited real estate photo provides the would-be buyer an enticing glimpse of what his/her dream home would look like. If the buyer is able to visualize living there, most likely, he will be more inclined to buy the property.

Recently, virtual tours has become a hot trend. Creating a bite-sized video to reach a wider audience with professional photos and videos of the property helps to sell homes faster.

5. Higher property sale price

A Journal wrote a few years ago that: “… properties with nicer photos gain anywhere between 5% and 50% –as measured by the difference between asking and final price" when compared with listings where professional photography was not used.

If you want to see a property owner’s eyes light up start talking numbers like this to them and they’ll get pretty excited about what you have to offer as a real estate agent who delivers a top quality marketing campaign.

A recent survey found that 89% say great photography brings in more interested buyers, and 52% say it helps them to achieve a higher sale price for the property owner.

Different exterior views of a Lekki Residential Project taken by Rubyspolaroid Photography


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