• Tolulope Sanusi

7 Lagos Architecture Instagram accounts to follow

Since creatives are the most visually inclined, you can never have enough Instagram posts that make you feel inspired, especially in this part of the world. To start of the week on an inspired note, we found our 7 best Architecture Instagram accounts that will make your feed full of love for Lagos and it’s skyline!

You should definitely follow:

Jide Ayeni - @jide_yeni

Documenting the ever changing faces of Lagos is as daunting as it sounds but this photographer takes you thorough the city like you were living in it. Lagos with forever busy inhabitants,the chaos is presented as an evolving giant. Nothing is ugly but everything is context. If you've ever wanted to see Lagos in all its un-photoshoped glory, he does it best.

LagosViews - @lagosviews

A popular Lagos Instagram account with over 2000 posts, they re-post aerials and beautiful scenery from around Lagos. If you want to know how beautiful Lagos can be definitely check them out.

Rubyspolaroid - @rubyspolaroid

Minimalism is the overriding concept on this Instagram page, with just over 500 posts. They showcase new architecture springing up in the city and facets of existing buildings in new light. If you want to see Lagos buildings in an artistic light, check out page.

LivinSpaces - @Livinspaces

An online Architecture publisher, it's Africa's own Archdaily. A well curated library of Architecture and Interior Design projects, Exhibitions and everything in-between, it's aim is simple; Showcase African Architecture to the world with an African perspective.

Lagosspaces - @lagosspaces

This account although small and on hiatus currently, features the interiors of popular restaurants and places in Lagos. Its under 50 posts make you beg for more reveals of the nice interiors scatter all over town.

Tobbinator - @tobbinator

Photographer, Adventurer and Content Creator, he’s obvious mode of choice is aerial photography. From the city streets to iconic buildings and everything in-between, definitely a gem to follow. You’ll see Lagos through the eyes of an avid photography lover.

Open House Lagos - @openhouselagos

From the name its a shoe-in to say this is the Lagos branch of the global phenomenon known as OPEN HOUSE. It's a global event that holds in many cities were popular, private and important buildings are opened to the public for a special once-a-year tour hosted by the Organization.

The Lagos branch is no different, it holds every year in November with a grand weekend of city tours and it's FREE. If you ever wanted a peek into some beautiful buildings and learn the history of the land definitely check the account.

As with any list it not exhaustive, there are so many accounts out there. If you know any such account share it in the comments below.

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